You can only understand a country if you engage directly with its
people.  We do that every day.

Face-to-Face Research and Analysis (F2RA™)

Features and Benefits:

Why Glevum

Glevum Associates is ideally placed to provide our clients with a deep rich contextual understanding of local populations. We have developed a unique approach that ensures that we can reach, engage and understand every segment of a society. Our extensive and unrivaled network of indigenous researchers and experts has proven to be a powerful resource. In both Iraq and Afghanistan, we have successfully assembled a network of over 300 local experts who have conducted over 400,000 interviews in Iraq and more than 50,000 in Afghanistan in 2009 alone. All of this has been done without endangering the lives of a single respondent. Our existing database, proven techniques and unrivalled experience means that Glevum stands out from the crowd.

Our Approach

Glevum Associates knows that to understand the complexities of a foreign society and culture one must first conduct comprehensive, timely, methodologically sound and ethically grounded multidisciplinary research and analysis. Successful operations in any environment require information detailing factions at work, population needs and grievances, and underlying motivations. Leaders must be able to predict likely impacts and anticipate unintended consequences that operations will have on a population. Efforts to develop this level of understanding and conduct effective social network analysis have been fragmented and undermined by a multiplicity of competing single methodology solutions and secondary sources of data; and a failure to develop an effective mechanism for the collection, analysis and visualization of population centric data.
Glevum has developed a multifaceted, proven and cost effective evolutionary approach to the complex challenge of social network analysis – Face-to-Face Research and Analysis (F2RA™).
Glevum Associate's F2RA™ is a powerful and unique tool that employs professionally accepted and ethical collection practices supported by a variety of proven analytics and presentation graphics. Underpinning F2RA™ is the use of vetted, trained and reliable indigenous field researchers—a key feature that separates F2RA™ from other research practices. These brave locals go into the field to collect data face-to-face in the local language. Collected data is then analyzed and packaged into products tailored to meet your requirements.
F2RA™ complements existing collection and analytical processes in order to enhance significantly our client's ability to understand the beliefs, perceptions and motivations of a local population. F2RA™ uncovers the "why" behind attitudes and behaviors of the people in a given area.


Glevum has combined Intelligence community best practices for the effective tasking and collection of information for all available sources with proven market research techniques and multidisciplinary social science techniques. This provides our clients with a comprehensive, timely and actionable understanding of key audiences and markets.
In order to develop a deep and rich understanding of all segments of a society or community, we utilize a combination of indigenous Subject Matter Experts (SMEs, interviews, focus groups, observations, media monitoring and polls to provide statistically verified answers to the who, where, what, why, when and how questions.
Unlike any other company, this research effort is led, developed, executed in the field by deployed and fully resourced Research and Analysis Management teams with extensive experience of living and working in the communities they are studying.
All field research is undertaken to the highest ethical and academic standards to ensure the integrity of the research, to protect the anonymity of the respondents and to ensure the safety of the researchers and SMEs.
Analysis can include either a rapid review of top-line findings or in-depth analysis to provide a deep and rich contextual understanding of communities and individuals.
By providing forward deployed expertise, Glevum is optimally placed to provide clients with personal in-depth briefings on all research findings in addition to the delivery of high quality PowerPoint briefs and written reports.