Who We Are

Glevum provides sophisticated, comprehensive and objective societal research, knowledge, and understanding, customized to empower our clients to operate effectively in uncertain and unstable environments. Our team of dedicated professionals have years of on the ground experience in a variety of different cultures. This enables us to provide you with an actionable, accurate and cost effective understanding of community and individual attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, identities, needs and wants.

What We Do

Quantitative information and qualitative insight

  • Clear and actionable understanding of a community or person
  • Accurate baseline assessments of the human terrain in an area
  • Objective, populations anchored assessments of current and future plans
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Surveys: Afghan Presidential Election 2014

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Approach & Methodology - F2RA™

We meet our client's critical information requirements, while rigorously enforcing the highest ethical and methodological standards, by implementing a unique research approach - Face-to-Face Research Analysis (F2RA™) - which guarantees that Glevum can collect and analyze highly sensitive population focused data, while protecting the safety and anonymity of our respondents and interviewers.
  • Effective, disciplined and operationally focused in-country research management
  • Multidisciplinary social science techniques
  • Systematic, independent and cost effective use of multiple quantitative and qualitative research techniques
  • Extensive Face-to-Face data collection capabilities using well trained, demographically matched, indigenous field research teams
  • Networks of expert, influential and well connnected local subject matter experts